Do you tip in Ireland? The complete Guide to Tipping in Ireland

Do you tip in Ireland? This is the big question many tourists ask themselves when they visit the Emerald Isle. Unlike America, Ireland does not have a clear tipping culture.  There is no set standard for tipping in Ireland, but there are certain places when it is acceptable, if not expected, to leave a few extra euros. Here’s our complete guide to tipping in Ireland to help you navigate when and where you can leave a little extra for great service.

Airport Shuttle

There is a set fare for an airport shuttle bus, so it is not necessary to tip your driver. However, if your driver helps you with your luggage feel free to give €1 or €2 as a thank you!

 A Café

Irish people do not always leave a tip in less formal cafes and coffee shops, but customers will often give a tip of consisting of small change. Many cafés, particularly trendier ones, will have a tips jar near the cash register. It is a nice gesture (but not expected) to leave a couple of coins in the tip jar if you receive friendly service.


It is very rare to tip a bartender in Ireland. Most bartenders do not expect it, and some may even refuse it. Table service, however, is separate, and it is considerate to leave a €1 to €2 for good service. Also, if a bartender spends over five minutes preparing a delicious cocktail then a tip may be happily accepted.


Do you tip in Ireland when eating out in a restaurant? The answer is not as straight forward as it is in America. The set percentages used in the American system just don’t translate on this island.  In Ireland the tip is sometimes included in the final bill (service charge), but not always. Check the bill first to see if these charges are added to your bill before deciding what to tip to give.


Taxi drivers do not expect tips but is appreciated. Some drivers will often round down the bill, especially on longer fares. However, no driver will refuse a tip, even after rounding down the bill. A tip of €1 is common for in-city journeys.

If the service is not included, the general consensus runs that you should round the bill up to the nearest reasonable amount, usually giving 10%-15% for good service.


A tip is not expected, but you can leave up to 10% for anything that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Do you tip in Ireland? Though this varies, remember if you want to tip and are in doubt about how much, think 10%. If you are thinking of travelling to Ireland, you can contact one of our booking agents at [email protected] and let us help you plan your ideal getaway.