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How to meet locals in Ireland – Top tips for travellers


Along with its unique history and jaw dropping sites; Ireland is home to plenty of passionate, fun and creative individuals. During your visit, along the quirky Irish streets, you’ll find it quite easy to spot Irish locals – the people who are lucky enough to call the Emerald Isle home.

So, what is the best way to meet Irish locals? Read on to find out our top tips on how to meet locals in Ireland.

Attend a local match

how to meet locals in Ireland

How to meet locals in Ireland? Attend a local match! No matter where you may be staying in Ireland, there is sure to be a local Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) club nearby.

GAA was formed over a century ago to help preserve and promote Irish language and culture and GAA clubs are known as social centres. The most popular games are Hurling and Gaelic football.

Since these games are unique to Ireland, it’s possible that you might not understand the rules. But, do not fret – members, athletes and spectators will be eager to welcome you with open arms and explain the ins and outs of the beloved game.

Grab a pint in a traditional pub

how to meet locals in Ireland

There is so much more to Ireland than the bustling pub scene, but visiting a local Irish pub is most definitely one of the best ways to meet Irish locals.

Irish pubs are known to be inviting and friendly spots full to the brim of locals who are more than willing to have a chat.

Opt to start a conversation with the friendly faced Irish man enjoying a pint or initiate a chat with the welcoming bar man!

Check out the local markets

how to meet locals in Ireland

From food markets to flea markets, Ireland’s local markets are known for being creative and intriguing.  

Frequenting a local market in Ireland will give you the chance to mingle with locals and learn about their craft and passions.

If you decide to visit a few markets in the area – the chances are high that you will run into the same vendors and patrons!

Try out a class

how to meet locals in Ireland

There are so many classes, seminars and workshops to take part in during a trip to Ireland.

Whether you’re interested in art, literature or cooking – taking a class will help you establish a connection with Irish locals who share a similar passion to you!

Get chatting while in transit

how to meet locals in Ireland

Are you planning on travelling from place to place whilst in Ireland? Why not start chatting to the Irish locals who are heading in the same direction!

You never know what a simple conversation may lead to – from local suggestions to an exciting invite to an event.

We hope you enjoyed our ‘How to meet locals in Ireland – Top tips for travellers’ blog!

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