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Private Tour Guide in Ireland – What to Look for?

If you’re looking for a personable, passionate and memorable experience on your vacation to our stunning island, opting for a private tour guide in Ireland is always a good idea.
But, how do you go about finding a guide who will bring your trip from great to outstanding?

Read on to see our list of what to look for in a private tour guide in Ireland:


private tour guide in ireland

Customisation is the spice of a private tour. Once you let your guide know what you’re wishing to see and experience on your Irish vacation, they should be able to take it from there!

A customised itinerary is crucial to ensuring that you’re given the chance to experience the Emerald Isle at your own pace.


private tour guide in ireland

Travelling with an enthusiastic tour guide who is passionate about Ireland’s people, places and history makes all the difference.

They’ll know everything from the perfect time to visit the Cliffs of Moher to the best place to indulge in a delicious Irish stew.


private tour guide in ireland

It’s pretty important for your guide to be energetic and have a good sense of humour – something that us Irish never tend to lack in!
This increases the overall energy of your experience and it will make it that bit easier if you have an early morning venture planned.


private tour guide in ireland

Organization is key for a seamless private tour. Ensuring that your itinerary is well-organized and that you don’t miss out on any vital Irish sites is something your private tour guide must be able to provide!

If you’re looking to experience a private tour guide in Ireland, you’re in the right place! From customisation to organisation and everything in between – our private tour guides truly have it all.

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