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When is the best time to visit Ireland?

Depending on the type of vacation you are planning, there are certain times of the year that will work best for you to visit Ireland. Maybe you want good weather? Or would you like to know when to beat the crowds and get the best view of the sites? To help you to plan your vacation, our travel experts have outlined the best time to visit Ireland to suit you.

The best months to visit Ireland – Weather

Ireland has a mild, temperate climate with some rainfall throughout the year. However, there are certain times of the year that are more pleasant than others. Summer has the warmest weather and the least amount of rainfall. The weather gives the added perk of having a bit more daylight than the other seasons. Many tourists visit during this period as it is the best time for outdoor activities and festivals.

Spring and fall (March-May and September-November) are also good times to visit Ireland. They are the happy medium of slightly cool weather without the heavy rainfall of winter. Travelling during these seasons also means you avoid the crowds of peak season.

It is important to remember that the Irish weather is not always consistent. Always be prepared for some rainfall and cool temperatures no matter what season you visit in.

The best time to visit Ireland to avoid crowds  

Winter is the best time to visit Ireland if you are looking to avoid crowds of tourists. This period is considered the low season, which makes it a quieter time to plan your trip. Visitors will have plenty of options for flights, car rentals and accommodations when travelling at this time. If there are queues for Ireland’s major attractions these are generally shorter during the wintertime too. Just remember to pack your jumper and raincoat and you will have a wonderful winter vacation in Ireland.

St. Patricks Day

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the world, but there is really nothing quite like celebrating it in Ireland.  Named after Ireland’s Patron Saint, St Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th each year and is the biggest festival of the calendar year. If you plan to visit around this time, be prepared for the party of your life!

With street parades, music and the annual St Patrick’s Festival, you will have so much to see and do.  Iconic landmarks across Ireland turn green, world-class museums host free workshops, and guided history walks take in famous sites including St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Guinness Storehouse

This is one of the best times to visit Ireland, so plan your trip to Ireland as far in advance as possible.

Sightseeing – the best time to visit Ireland

There is no doubt that summer is the most comfortable time to visit Ireland as the weather is at its best. Many of Ireland’s top sites are outside so good weather is an advantage. However, if you have no desire to see castle ruins and explore Ireland’s outdoor wonders, aim to visit Ireland during spring or autumn.

Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Contact one of our travel experts who are happy to help you plan an unforgettable trip to Ireland. 

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