Where are the Game of Thrones filming locations in Ireland?

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows there is today and with its fantastic plots and stunning imagery, there is no surprise why! Part of the show's appeal, and what has made it so popular with millions of fans, are the mesmerising fantasy lands of its Seven Kingdoms, which of course have been brought to life using Ireland's dramatic scenery. Ireland’s rugged coastlines, historic castles and breathtaking countryside and forests were the perfect setting for some of the scenes in this epic show. Explore many of the spots where your favourite scenes were filmed, or walk in the footsteps of a much-loved character. Here’s our list of some of the Game of Thrones filming locations in Ireland that you can visit during your vacation!

Downhill Beach - Co. Derry

This glorious beach is situated in the very north of Northern Ireland - the beach is part of a seven mile stretch of white sand offering a wealth of activities, including water sports and scenic walks. In Game of Thrones, Downhill Beach serves as Dragonstone in season two when Stannis Baratheon rejects the Seven Gods of Westeros and allows Melisandre to burn their effigies as an offering to the Lord of Light.

The Dark Hedges (The King’s Road), Co. Antrim

The Dark Hedges is an attractive avenue of beech trees, planted by the Stuart family in the 18th century. Today, the Dark Hedges remain a magnificent sight and have become one of the most photographed natural spectacles in Ireland. The Dark Hedges live up to their haunting name in season two, episode one of the Game of Thrones. This is where Arya Stark escaped from King’s Landing disguised as a boy.

Castle Ward – Co. Down

Castle Ward, which may be more familiar as ‘Winterfell’ in Game of Thrones, is a must see for any visitor! This National Trust property overlooks the beautiful Strangford Lough. Inside this 820-acre walled demesne, sheds, barns and the farmyard were transformed to take on the Game of Thrones look. Try archery in the very place where young Bran was taught by Jon Snow - in the courtyard, aka ‘Winterfell’. Stand in a recreated Game of Thrones archery film set tipi and feel as if the show is coming alive.

Tollymore Forest Park, Co Down

Tollymore Forest Park is a beautiful natural landscape that features regularly in Game of Thrones. The landscape is stunning in Tollymore Forest Park with many follies, such as a barn dressed to resemble a church, gothic style gate arches and stone cones atop gate piers.

This forest park is the setting for The Haunted Forest where the Three Night’s Watchmen encounter a White Walker. It is also the scene of Theon Grevjoys escape attempt when he is pursued by Ramsay Snow. Another notable scene from Tollymore Forest Park is Ned Stark finding the dead stag.

Portstewart Strand - Co. Derry

Sweeping along the edge of the North Coast, Portstewart Strand is one of Northern Ireland's finest beaches with views of Inishowen headland and Mussenden Temple perched atop the cliffs.

This stunning area is also managed by the National Trust, who allowed Game of Thrones crews to use the location as the balmy Coast of Dorne. The strand doubled as the coast of Dorne in season five of Game of Thrones when Jaime Lannister was tasked by his sister Cersei to bring their daughter Myrcella back to King's Landing.

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