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Why Visit an Irish Castle?

Need to experience something real? Touch something that is older then everything you know?

 There is a need in most of us to place ourselves in history. Stand in a stone ruin, carved by hand by people who had families, told stories and had their own ambitions and needs. Ireland’s castles, lived in by powerful and power hungry men and women whose pride and perhaps greed still resonates today through the smooth cold stone that protected and supported them, are some of the most fascinating in the world.

Taking a vacation in a beautiful place is nothing new. We all try to recharge in a vibrant city or slow down standing a pristine beach somewhere we have never been before. But to really experience history stretched out before you is a true form of meditation for the mind and soul that in this writer’s opinion, is unique.

Irish Castles were built for various reasons and all have their own individual personality and story. Like people, they take time to reveal the layers. But, a little research and an open mind and imagination can bring you through time and connect you to family ancestors, cultural connections and some of the best stories that just couldn’t be made up!

Take your well-earned vacation and see the sights that Ireland is so famous for. Don’t miss the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare or the world heritage site, New Grange, in Co Meath. Stay in unique country manor houses and enjoy fantastic fresh seasonal food. This is all much recommended! 

However, to allow your travels change you, and take a break from the daily grind of tasks, pressures and strain. To put things in perspective and feel for a short while how insignificant our daily tensions are – stand with your back against the moss and ivy looking up to the sky, surrounded by stone smoothed by hundreds of years of wind and Irish rain. Feel Ireland’s history, and who knows, perhaps your own.

See our Ireland castle tours and let us take you back in time. We can arrange a genealogy butler to help you trace your family history and discover what life was like for your people all that time ago.

Naomi Sheehy, CEO Ireland Luxury Travel

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