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Category: History & Culture

Easter Traditions in Ireland

Ireland is famous for its myths, legends and traditions, and Easter is no different. Alongside St. Patrick’s Day, Easter is one of the most important holidays in Ireland. Easter in Ireland is a time for both religious and non-religious people to celebrate.

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Centuries of Belief: Evidence in the Irish Landscape

Ireland has a predominantly Catholic population. The religion is understood to have been brought to Ireland in the early fifth century by the country’s patron saint, St. Patrick. Prior to the introduction of Christianity, the Irish people had a very different belief system of which little is now known.

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Why Visit an Irish Castle?

Need to experience something real? Touch something that is older then everything you know?  There is a need in most of us to place ourselves in history. Stand in a stone ruin, carved by hand by people who had families, told stories and had their own ambitions and needs.

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