Food in Ireland

Food in Ireland has come a long way. Jonathan Swift, the Irish writer wrote in the 1730’s that “He was a bold man that first ate an oyster”. Now we enjoy oysters with Guinness as an Irish delicacy. Galway city now hosts an international seafood festival featuring the humble oyster as its star attraction!

Ireland produces wild, organic, naturally produced food and has developed high standards of gourmet fine dining. The south west, County Cork developed the artisan, “slow food revolution” in Ireland. For genuine hidden gems of culinary experience, this is the place to begin. Restaurants along the coast specialise in local produce, with a passion for freshness and quality. Food is sourced locally, prepared locally and served to the highest standards in the most idyllic settings, and has gained international renown. Our co-founder, John Sheehy, is also a third generation quality beef producer on his traditional farm at Baltimore, Co. Cork, specialising in the finest quality grass-fed livestock for the local market .  Our connections to the land goes back along way and we here at Ireland Luxury Travel take pride in being part of Ireland's gormet food culture. Our Ireland Food Tours take you to hidden gem foodie experiences.


Full Irish Breakfast

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The traditional Irish breakfast developed in Ireland to feed the hungry farmer before heading out to a long hard day of work. We now enjoy the hearty meal with the best of local bacon and eggs, traditional black pudding (blood pudding with a recipe unique to Ireland), chunky toast and washed down with great strong coffee or a well brewed pot of tea. Recently Ireland's best hotels have added freshly made fruit smoothies, organic yogurt freshly squeezed juice to the menu. Sure to fill you before a long touring day, a real taste of Ireland! 

Food Tours

 Beara Peninsula, Artisan Cheese Maker & Historic House Food Tour - Private guided


 The Beara is a ruggedly beautiful peninsula that is steeped in a rich, absorbing history and packed full of characters with amazing stories to tell. You will experience some of Ireland’s most iconic ancient monuments that are dotted throughout this enchanting landscape and introduce you to some of those personalities that have put West Cork on the world culinary stage. 

This half day tour will take you along the road less traveled allowing you to soak up some of the best views in the country whilst meeting some of the pioneers of the Irish food industry. The first stop is with a local cheesemaker, where you will meet this world renowned artisan producer and watch as she demonstrates the cheesemaking process. Onwards to a guided tour of the historic and fascinating Bantry house with a glass of wine on the lawn to allow time to absorb in the stunning views. Finish off the tour with tastes of local produce at a local cafe were you will enjoy some Irish tapas with a lovely glass of wine. A sightseeing and culinary delight.


Dublin Whiskey & Pubs Walking Tour of Dublin City - Private Guide

This four and a half hour private walking tour first takes your through the Irish whiskey museum discovering an insight into the history of Irish whiskey from its first inception in the 6th century through its peak in the 18th century. Your guide is fun, knowledgeable and engaging and brings you to local Dublin whiskey pubs through the lively Temple Bar part of the city where you willl be advised on the best whiskey to try. The tour takes you through some of the oldest parts of the city and then on to the famous Jameson Distillary. Your guided tour, where you will see, taste and smell the Jameson Irish whiskey experience. The tour brings you through the living history of the Old Jameson Distillery, where the legend of John Jameson began. You’ll get a glimpse into the past, and the craft and traditions, for over two centuries. You will end the tour by putting theory into practice, with a comparative tasting, giving you an understanding of the key differences between Scotch, American and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Since memories can fade over time, you’ll also be given a refreshing Jameson Ginger and Lime, a coveted Jameson Whiskey Tasting Certificate!


Baltimore Craft Beer & Nano Brewery Tour - Off The Beaten Path -  Private Guide

Taste the delicious craft beer brewed onsite in a nano brewery developed by three school friends in the stunning west cork  fishing village of Baltimore. Pair the beer with a steaming bowel of shellfish carefully grown and farmed by the family run bar and hotel owners. Take a guided tour of the brewery downstairs and enjoy a unique foodie experience.  


Restaurants & Eateries

Local Seafood Restaurant


Being an island country it is no surprise that seafood has become a specialty in Ireland. Fish caught, landed, cooked and served all within 24 hours is the norm and for a true foodie this is the ultimate in culinary delights. No matter where you tour in Ireland you will come across a good seafood restaurant. Take our recommendations for our favorites (we try to experience as many as we can!) . 


Michelin Fine Dining



Ireland has 11 Michelin Star Restaurants serving the best in fine dining. Scattered throughout the country, it is worth treating yourself yo some of the best food Ireland has to offer.



Gastro Pubs


Great wholesome food, served in a cosy friendly atmosphere is the ultimate Ireland experience. Sight by an open fire and listen to some Irish music while you are warmed by a creamy bowel of seafood chowder and brown soda bread paired with a pint of Guinness.......what could be better!. 

Fish & Chips on an Atlantic Sea Pier

  Cod, Whiting, Pollock and more are all types of white fish used in the traditional fish and chips served up and down the coast. The fish is deep fried in a crispy beer batter, served with peas, mayonnaise and freshly cut potato chips and of course lashings of sea-salt.  Order take away and find a bench with a view and watch the Atlantic waves while you fest on this humble but delicious feast.




Country Farmer's Markets