Irish Whiskey Trails

 Ireland is known for its tradition of fine Whiskey. Some of the best and well known are from this small island. There are whiskey trails for the novices and experts alike, and whether you are looking to expand your knowledge or simply experience something new and exciting, it is a must for any trip to Ireland. 

We can incorporate a visit to a distillery or a two day jampacked tour.

Northern Ireland Whiskey Trail

Experience the World of Whisk(e)y in a Weekend along the Causeway Coastal Route and explore the world’s oldest whisk(e)y trail. Including a short (1.5-hours) boat trip from the north coast of Ireland to the island of Islay.This is the kingdom Dal Riada, a historic region straddling Ireland and Scotland and the natural birthplace of whisk(e)y distillation. In this exclusive adventure you will:

See where the first accounts of spirit distillation were recorded;
Visit the world’s oldest whiskey distillery;
And explore the island home of the world’s fastest growing Single Malt category.
On-board Whisk(e)y tasting
VIP tours of 2 Islay distilleries ( exclusive package)
A Whisk(e)y themed supper
 VIP tour of Bushmills distillery (High Sea Spirits exclusive package)

Dublin City Whiskey Walk

This four and a half hour private walking tour first takes your through the Irish whiskey museum discovering an insight into the history of Irish whiskey from its first inception in the 6th century through its peak in the 18th century. Your guide is fun, knowledgeable and engaging and brings you to local Dublin whiskey pubs through the lively Temple Bar part of the city where you willl be advised on the best whiskey to try. The tour takes you through some of the oldest parts of the city and then on to the famous Jameson Distillary. Your guided tour, where you will see, taste and smell the Jameson Irish whiskey experience. The tour brings you through the living history of the Old Jameson Distillery, where the legend of John Jameson began. You’ll get a glimpse into the past, and the craft and traditions, for over two centuries. You will end the tour by putting theory into practice, with a comparative tasting, giving you an understanding of the key differences between Scotch, American and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Since memories can fade over time, you’ll also be given a refreshing Jameson Ginger and Lime, a coveted Jameson Whiskey Tasting Certificate, and all the bragging rights that come with it.

Malahide Castle & Whiskey Discovery Tour

This one day tour takes you on a journey of discovery of two of Ireland’s newest whiskey attractions and Malahide Castle which was home to the Talbot family for 800 years. The Teelings Distillery is situated in Dublin city in the heart of the Liberties. It is Dublin’s only working  distillery and the tour of this facility is a must for anyone with an interest in whiskey. Finish with a cocktail in the  Bang Bang bar.
 You then head out to Malahide Castle, the castle and grounds are nothing short of spectacular. The tour of the castle gives you an insight into the life of the Talbot family through 800 years and the sculpted gardens are impressive with ancient trees and beautiful walks.

On your return to Dublin city you will be taken on a wonderful coastal route through many of north county Dublin’s including the harbour village of Howth. Back in Dublin where you visit the Irish whiskey museum. This museum gives you an insight into the history of Irish whiskey from its first inception in the 6th century through its peak in the 18th century and then its demise and the reasons for it. Your guides are fun knowledgeable and engaging and this is an experience to remember.

Visit Ireland’s Oldest Working Distillery

This an expierence never to forget. Ireland’s oldest working distillary is no visito’rs centre, it is the real deal!. Be part of the  whiskey making process and witness the traditional methods. With a 260 year history and a heritage to be prowd of, Kilbeggin distillary is one of Ireland’s most authentic visitor experiences.

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